Bee Frame Assembly Workshop Perth

Bee Frame Assembly Workshop Perth

August 15, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
14 Sittella Plaza

In this workshop you will make your own wiring jig and learn how to assemble 10 frames and embed the wax foundation. There will be a discussion and demonstration on various frame building options. We will break for morning tea and a chat.

1. Make your own wiring jig

2. Learn how to make your own frame assembly jig.

3. Assemble your 10 frames using either nail gun, or using hammer and nails.

4. Discussion on variations of frames you can use

5. Wire up your 10 frames or attach centre bars and add a starter strip

6. Embed wax foundation. Discussion and demonstration on when and how to encourage drone comb.


Bring or purchase on the day:

10 sheets of wax foundation

10 frames in kit form + eyelets

1 roll wire for the frames

Choose either 10 or 8 frame size for your brood box:

Ready to assemble – 1 lid – 1 base board – 1 box

Please let me know if you wish to purchase any of the above on the day. I will need your order for supplies at least 4 days before the workshop.

Cost $133.40