Your Garden is a Habitat: Native Bee Workshop

Your Garden is a Habitat: Native Bee Workshop

August 29, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
19 Blinco St

Join us, The Fremantle Industrial Arts Quarter (FrIAQ), for our first workshop of the series Your Garden is a Habitat. FrIAQ represents the unique quirky industrial section just east of Freo, which is an incubator space for artists, creatives, and sustainable projects.

Native bees are incredibly diverse keystone pollinators that are crucial for healthy functioning ecosystems. In Australia we have more than 2000 species of native bees! Unfortunately, many native bee populations are at risk in WA. However, through education WE can help to SAVE our NATIVE BEES!

This is an incredible opportunity to learn all about native bees with Kit Prendergast, a native bee PhD researcher from Curtin University. Kit was recently named among the state’s brightest young scientific minds when she was awarded runner-up at the 2019 FameLab WA semi-finals.Her thesis is the “Determinants of native bee assemblages in urban habitat fragments in the southwest Australian biodiversity hotspot and interactions between honeybees (Apis mellifera) and native plant-pollinator communities.”

Kit has a passion for the natural world and gets a real buzz when going out in the field to conduct native bee surveys. Her surveys have underscored the incredible diversity of Australia’s native bees that occur within the urban milieu of the southwest Western Australian biodiversity hotspot. Kit aspires for her research to lead to science-based actions for conserving thriving native bee assemblages.

In this workshop you will learn all about local native bee species, how to make your garden bee friendly, how feral honey bees interact with native bees, and what actions we can take to preserve bee habitat. You can also make your own native bee hotel to take home and put in your garden with Freo locals Eco Action.

Places are limited to 50 , so secure your spot by booking.

For any enquires about the event, contact Lora Flora: 0435 510 087