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Wetland Management and Restoration Seminar

Wetland Management and Restoration Seminar

September 6, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 3:30 pm
Atrium Theatrette, Level 4, 168 St George’s Tce, Perth, Western Australia

Perth NRM and WALGA invite you to join us to hear about interventions to address wetland water quality issues, such as algal blooms and aquatic weeds, as well as successful wetland restoration techniques that have transformed degraded sites into thriving ecosystems.

Expert speakers include representatives from the Department of Conservation, Biodiversity and Attractions; the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation; the Department of Health; Local Government; NRM organisations and catchment groups.

The program is designed to give you an overview of how challenges in management of aquatic ecosystems are being addressed and to be able to seek management answers through question time and networking opportunities.

Cost $66 (professional organisation), $40 (community group)
Registration required.

Building a New Economy for Western Australia Symposium

Building a New Economy for Western Australia Symposium

August 24, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – August 25, 20185:00 pm
The Platform Perth, 3/256 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Please join us for an important symposium, to discuss how we can build a new economy in Western Australia, that supports social justice and ecological health. Everyone’s welcome!

* FRIDAY 24TH AUGUST – 6pm to 9pm (The Platform, Adelaide Terrace, Perth)
* SATURDAY 25TH AUGUST – 9am to 5pm (Murdoch University, Perth)

As is abundantly clear, the efficacy of our work to protect ecosystems and in seeking social and economic justice for all is directly compromised by the underlying economic foundations that continue to shape and define our world.

In a search for alternatives that go beyond continuing to simply address symptoms, a growing number of theoretical models, frameworks, potential solutions, narratives and social movements have emerged around the world and here in Australia. From the “Real” Sharing Economy, Collaborative Economy, Solidarity Economy through to Doughnut Economics there is a “New Economy” movement emerging that share two key goals;

* to challenge the current dominant economic system, with its reliance on fossil fuels, large scale resource extraction and socially unjust structures and wealth distribution, and
* to create and strengthen economic systems that serve the needs of people in ways that are ecologically sustainable, socially just and culturally diverse.

The 2018 “Building a New Economy for Western Australia” Symposium is being developed with the following objectives:

Networking/Community building – Bring all the people and organisations working in this ‘New Economy’ space together to meet each other and develop strong relationships.
Connect the dots between existing initiatives – remember an economy is really about looking after the wellbeing of everyone; no initiative has all the answers, their approach is simply one of many. Rather than competing with business as usual and between ourselves we need to find common ground on how we approach our collective challenges.

Tickets $25 – $50